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Permission To Enter A Nuclear Test Site

I took a deep breath and turned to look round at the impassive faces of the Chinese delegation. What were they thinking? Had they understood the paper? Were they asleep?

‘As you will have gathered,’ I began lamely, ‘the wild camel situation in Mongolia is extremely serious and a cause for great concern. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of the current status of wild Bactrians across the border in China.’ read more »

The Gobi Desert

I am neither a qualified naturalist nor a scientist but have always had the instincts of an explorer. I marvel at the links in the chain of events that have enabled me to visit the four enclaves in the Gobi in China and Mongolia where the wild Bactrian camel still survives.

As to how I became involved. The story begins in Russia ,where, in 1992, I had arrived to stage an exhibition of environmental photographs in the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow. read more »

What sparked my interest in the wild camel

My admiration for and interest in the camel started when I first used them for transport south of Lake Chad on the Nigerian/Cameroon border. Unlike African porters, who had head-carried my kit from one place to another, my camels didn’t complain about the distance or their pay. They didn’t get roaring drunk on pay days, seduce the chief’s daughter or need their feet dusting every day with DDT to prevent jiggers from laying eggs under their toe-nails. read more »