Wild Camels

John Hare and the Wild Camel Protection Foundation

The Captive Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia

In 2004 the WCPF established the Hunter Hall Captive Wild Camel Breeding Centre at Zakhyn Us in Mongolia on 150 acres provided by the Mongolian government and stocked it with twelve wild camels, which had been captured by Mongolian herdsmen. In 2021 the wild camel population had increased to 45.

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Wild Camel

What sparked my interest in the wild camel

My admiration for and interest in the camel started when I first used them for transport south of Lake Chad on the Nigerian/Cameroon border. Unlike African porters, who had head-carried my kit from one place to another, my camels didn't complain about the distance or their pay. They didn't get roaring drunk on pay days, seduce the chief's daughter or need their feet dusting every day with DDT to prevent jiggers from laying eggs under their toe-nails.

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John Hare - Trans Saharan trek


In 1998 John Hare was awarded an Environmental Award from the State Environment Protection Agency of China for great contribution to saving the critically endangered wild camel from extinction.

In 2004 John Hare was awarded the Ness Award by the Royal Geographical Society for raising awareness about wild camels.

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