John Hare - Trans Saharan trek

In 1998 John Hare was awarded an Environmental Award from the State Environment Protection Agency of China for great contribution to saving the critically endangered wild camel from extinction.

In 2004 John Hare was awarded the Ness Award by the Royal Geographical Society for raising awareness about wild camels.

In 2004 the Royal Society of Asian Affairs awarded him the Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal for exploration under extreme hazard.

In recognition of the work to protect this critically endangered species both in China and Mongolia, and the hardships endured in establishing the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve, John Hare has received the following awards:

In 2006 the Royal Scottish Geographical Society awarded him the Mungo Park Medal for distinguished contributions to exploration.

In 2009 appointed the sole International Consultant to the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve.

In 2010 he was awarded the Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorers Club of America for his dedication to protecting the critically endangered wild camel.

In 2014 awarded the Mongolian Environmental Protection Medal for outstanding contributions to wild camel protection from the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and the Environment.

In 2016 awarded the Mongolian Nairamdal (Friendship) Medal by the President of Mongolia for his outstanding contributions in protection of endangered wild camels.

In 2017 he was awarded the OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for services to conservation of the wild camel in Mongolia and China.