Books & Publications

Publications by John Hare

Published by IB Tauris (1)

  • **The Mysteries of the Gobi (2009)

Published by Little Brown (1)

  • **The Lost Camels of Tartary (hbk and pbk) 1998
  • **Also in German translation (Scherz and National Geographic), Estonian and Chinese

Published by Constable and Robinson (1)

  • Shadows across the Sahara (2002)
  • Also in German translation: National Geographic

Published by Nelson UK (4)

  • Hijack
  • The Dragons of Tiananmen Square
  • Letters for a Spy
  • Ticket to Tallinn

Published by Ethnographica (1)

  • Kwandalowa and Itiinate, Cham terracotta pots

Published by Hodder & Stoughton UK (10)

  • **Sauna and the Bank Robbers (English and Hausa)
  • **Sauna Secret Agent
  • **Sauna to the Rescue
  • **Sauna and the Drug Pedlars (English and Hausa)
  • **The Fight for Life
  • **God‚ Case No Appeal
  • **The Price of Liberty
  • Leopard‚ Coat. (copyright reverted to author)
  • Elephant‚ Tusk (copyright reverted to author)
  • Rhino‚ Horn (copyright reverted to author)

Published by Hodder and Stoughton South Africa (7)

  • Tusk Force
  • Dead Men‚ Bones
  • Lentina and the Nine-Headed Monster
  • To Catch a Thief
  • One Man, Two Votes
  • Mollo and the Fire Bugs

Published by Spectrum Books Nigeria (4)

  • **No Condition is Permanent
  • **No Telephone to Heaven
  • **The Power of Corruption.
  • **Flight 800
  • **A primary Hausa course - Books 1-4 (Hausa)

Published by Macmillan South Africa (4)

  • Twin Trouble
  • Sleeping Giant Open-Eye
  • Sabotage of Innocence
  • The Mystery of Mister Prince

Published by Jacaranda Publishers, Kenya (1)

  • **Janjo and Shika and the Siege of Mombasa

Published by Northern Nigerian Publishing Company, Nigeria (3)

  • Sauna Ya Dawo (Hausa)
  • Ka Koyi Karanta - Readers 4 & 5 (Hausa)

Published by Penguin South Africa (4)

  • The Fearless Four
  • The Fearless Four, Hijack!
  • The Fearless Four and the Graveyard Ghost
  • The Fearless Four and the Smugglers

The following 12 titles, originally published by publishers listed above, were re-published by Hodder Murray in 2006:

  • **The Fearless Four
  • **The Fearless Four: Hijack!
  • **The Fearless Four and the Smugglers
  • **The Fearless Four and the Graveyard Ghost
  • **Dead Man‚ Bones
  • **The Power of Corruption
  • **Magic, Mystery and Mister Prince

** indicates titles that are still in print