Mysteries of the Gobi

Mysteries of the Gobi

With the conservation of the wild camel in mind, John Hare was inspired to venture with domestic Bactrian camels, Chinese scientists and Kazakh herdsmen into the wildest parts of the Chinese Gobi on expeditions which led them across hundreds of miles of sand dunes, unexplored in recent history. Several weeks into one journey, Hare and his team discovered an unmapped valley deep in the dunes where a fresh water source had ensnared a population of wildlife, which had never encountered man.

A blend of history and high adventure, discovery and conservation, Mysteries of the Gobi is a unique and compelling account of modern day exploration.

Mysteries of the Gobi describes a series of journeys into the most remote, harsh and unforgiving deserts on the planet; it also reveals the desperate plight of the wild camel as it struggles to survive in its increasingly exploited world. John Hare, cast in the mould of the heroic explorers of the past, is an adventurer with a mission – to save the wild camel from extinction. If anyone can save the wild camels, he can.
Dr Jane Goodall DBE
This is just a fantastic piece of writing. It’s travel writing, it’s story telling, it’s a camp fire tale of memorable characters and unforgettable places with thrills and spills – and this is what will surely grab you - every word of it is true.
Matthew Parris

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